PPVisit Guarantee

Best in class sales conversion percentage guarantee, that delivers assured returns for your advertisement spend. View the slider below or scroll down further to view the explanatory video. 

How does the Sales Conversion Percentage (SCP) Guarantee work?*

Azisst offers a money back or credit Guarantee Per Qualified Product enrolled in the Program. Azisst will charge only for the visits that maintain or enhance the original Sales Conversion Percentage  (SCP) of a specific enrolled product.


The SCP data is available to all “Amazon Sellers” and can be obtained from the business reports available at “Amazon Seller Central” The official term currently used by Amazon to denote the SCP is “Unit Session Percentage” and “Unit Session Percentage- B2B”.


The SCP is obtained by dividing the total number of Product page visitors (Current official term used by Amazon to denote this on business reports is “Page Views”) by the number of Product sales. Baseline SCP is obtained by recording the conversion rate in the past 3 months.


In case the sales conversion rate of a Qualified Product drops for a particular billing cycle, Azisst will reduce the number of billable Visits for that Qualified Product on its invoice to the point where the Sales Conversion Percentage matches the baseline conversion rate or there is zero billing by Azisst for that product.

The Guarantee can only be applicable at a single product level (differentiated by a unique ASIN) and not aggregated across all products enrolled in to the Program by the Seller.


To invoke the Guarantee the Seller will need to submit a screen shot of relevant report for a particular billing period for validating the claim.


The claim needs to be submitted within 15 days of the first despatch of invoice to the Seller by email or within the Pay By Date on the invoice (Claim Period). 

In case of successful validation of claim by Azisst the invoice would be adjusted to reflect the new charges. Azisst reserves the right to seek additional evidence including but not limited to live screen sharing of Amazon Seller Central of a Seller to validate the claim at random or in cases where it is not convinced by the initial report presented.


Seller understands and agrees that Azisst offers this Guarantee solely to support the overall Seller ROI and assumes no responsibility for a Qualified Products SCP.


Guarantee Exclusions: The guarantee is not offered in case of:


(a) new launches and for products within less than 3 months of launch


(b) when the Seller refuses to share evidence of the baseline or final Sales Conversion Percentage (c) For products with very low page visits (less than 20 visits a month). 


In such cases Seller agrees to be liable for all visits generated by Azisst to the Product Page, unless any or all the visits are disputed by the seller in good faith.


In case the Seller is or has advertised the Qualified Product, for which the guarantee has been invoked, on Amazon as well, Seller agrees to share with Azisst the “ACOS” (Amazon Cost Of Sales) of the Qualified Product, as provided by Amazon, with Azisst for analysis and performance improvement purposes.

* Partial extract from PPV Program terms. Please review the entire program terms before taking any action based on the content on this page.