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The new sourcing favourite

of global buyers needs sellers

to go beyond the usual steps

Photo RFQ Top Up showcases the products of Gold suppliers on popular buyer channels and provides product intelligence to increase their RFQ chances  

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What are Photo RFQs? Why do they matter for your company? 



RFQs initiated from product photos out side of Alibaba are called Photo RFQs

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 1.08.33 PM.png

Alibaba's new tools allow buyers to initiate RFQs from product photos on popular platforms 

Business Meeting

If sellers are not ready for Photo RFQs, they may lose a big chunk of business

How can you start getting Photo RFQs?

Replicate your Alibaba Product Showcase on popular buyer forums

Insert RFQ magnets on your Alibaba Product Showcase

The Photo RFQ Top Up from Azisst

Photo RFQ Top Up is a  complete solution for Alibaba sellers. It increases your chances of receiving Photo RFQs in 3 powerful ways

Social network concept

Your Alibaba product showcase will be replicated internationally  

On popular buyer platforms

Product Showcase

Colorful Business Cards

RFQ magnets linked to your products are updated monthly 

For your Alibaba Showcase

RFQ Opportunities

Business Meeting

Your products get included in product alerts sent to buyers

Direct to buyer messaging

Buyer Outreach

We have the infrastructure, tools and people to deliver a comprehensive service for Photo RFQs

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Photo RFQ Packages

Increase Alibaba orders with Photo RFQ Top Up. Select the package that matches your Alibaba Gold membership type

Gold Premium


annual purchase

  • 28 Product Showcases

  • 140 RFQ magnets a month

  • 200 Products in Buyer alerts

  • 10 categories RFQ magnets

  • Annual Price : $1399

Gold Standard


annual purchase

  • 12 Products Showcases

  • 60 RFQ magnets a month

  • 100 Products in Buyer alerts

  • 5 categories RFQ magnets

  • Annual Price : $699

Gold Basic


annual purchase

  • 5 Products Showcases

  • 25 RFQ magnets a month

  • 50 Products in Buyer Alerts

  • 2 categories RFQ magnets

  • Annual Price : $299

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