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Benefits of external customer traffic for your
Amazon listings


More than 50% product searches start Off Amazon
Reach out and influence buyers directly 
Bypass competition for a Higher Conversion Rate
Overcome crowded or expensive Amazon PPC
Many experts mention that Amazon appreciates external traffic to your product listings and rewards such products with better search rankings. Pay Per Visit (PPVisit) boosts to your efforts to improve your Amazon rankings.

External Traffic on Amazon

While there is no doubt that Amazon is the place where customers go to shop, there’s also a significant upside to reach shoppers when they are not on Amazon.


While potential customers could notice and engage with your products online outside Amazon, they would rather buy on Amazon. This is because customers trust and prefer Amazon’s established credibility and customer support assurance.


Amazon gives an overwhelming choice:

Let’s face it, from a buyer’s perspective the Amazon’s marketplace is simply overwhelming. There are multiple products with competing claims, advertisements and proactive suggestions by the Amazon search engine. Then there are products who have invested a lot in generating product reviews through various expensive programs and giveaways.


In such a chaotic environment, it is very difficult to attract the attention or convince customers on the Amazon marketplace.


Meet Amazon shoppers off - Amazon:

Amazon shoppers are digitally savvy and it is possible to meet and engage them on a number of online forums. Engaging and influencing Amazon customers outside of Amazon while they are still in a passive buying stage is a great way to enhance your sales conversion rate on Amazon.


Pay Per Visit for Amazon

With new introductions like Azisst’s Pay Per Visit for Amazon, it is possible to drive external traffic straight to your Amazon store or Product Listing Instead of having your products listed side by side (on the Amazon SERP) with your competitors.


With Pay Per Visit you have the option of driving customer traffic straight to your Amazon pages or via a custom lead page where you can capture customer data and provide exclusive coupons for your Amazon product. Capturing customer data is an excellent way to create a loyalty program and establish your brand over a long term.

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