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Hire Contract and Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) team members for your Marketplace success. Enhance productivity while saving time and effort. Get more time to focus on your core business 
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You can hire highly trained marketplace professionals on affordable price for an hourly, daily and monthly association. Our team members have varied skill levels from managers, team leaders to basic support staff. We cover the entire spectrum of services required for marketplace success.

Our team members are based in USA, Canada, UK and India. We speak English, French and German. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will get back to you with a proposal 

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 Admin Tasks

Bulk Uploading and Downloading of relevant Amazon Data 

Listing Creation of parent and child SKUs

Scheduled coordination amongst the stakeholders involved

Account creation and document submission 

Shipping planning and detailing

Logistics Advisory 

Promotion Strategy 

Plan Formulation and Review 

Early Purchase Program 

Amazon Marketing Budget: Headline Search and sponsored ads 

Social Commerce activation

Shipping planning and detailing

Coupon Marketing and Promotional code generation (external traffic diversion) 

Pricing Strategy 

Competition pricing analysis 

Amazon Costs estimation 

Promotion costs estimation 

List price and discount recommendations 

Customer Engagement 

Automated emails

Review management 

Return Mangement 

Cross selling outreach 

Amazon Design Service

Banner creation for social media 

Multiple Coupon Designs creation

Amazon Mini site (store) design and layout at par with industry leaders

Amazon Content Services

Brand Registration & trademark 

External Brand Page Creation 

Brand video creation (Youtube)

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Strategy Services

Design Services

Analytical Services

Marketing Services

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