Photo RFQ Top Up from Azisst

Photo RFQ Top Up is a package for Alibaba sellers to prepare for Photo RFQs. By signing up for the package Alibaba sellers will be able to: 

1. Display Product Showcase on multiple buyer channels out side of Alibaba

2. Receive details of hot Photo RFQ opportunities and 

3. Have products included in direct to buyer communications

How does it work?

  • More buyers see your product photos = higher enquiry chances

  • More in-demand products on your showcase = higher RFQ chances

Replicates Your Product Showcase on Multiple Buyer Channels

+  Social Distribution  

+  Affiliate Site Network 

+  Multiple Marketplaces

+  Multicountry support

+ Product Showcase

Get RFQ Magnets 

Every Month to Enhance Your RFQ Chances

+ In depth Research

+ Customised Selection 

+ Real Time Updates 

+ Multicountry support

+ Hot Opportunities

Your Products Are Included In Product 
Alert Sent to Buyers

+ Regular Buyer Alerts 

Sent via Direct Emails 

+ Included In Videos

+ Multicountry support

+ Buyer Outreach

Sign up for the Photo RFQ Top Up Now!

Increase Alibaba orders with Photo RFQ Top Up, Select the package that matches your Alibaba Gold membership type


Photo RFQ Packages

Based on your Alibaba Gold Membership

Gold Premium


annual purchase

  • 28 Product Showcases

  • 140 RFQ magnets a month

  • 500 Direct buyers monthly

  • Annual Price : $ 1399

Gold Standard


annual purchase

  • 12 Products Showcases

  • 60 RFQ magnets a month

  • 300 Direct buyers monthly

  • Annual Price : $ 699

Gold Basic


annual purchase

  • 5 Products Showcases

  • 25 RFQ magnets a month

  • 150 Direct buyers monthly

  • Annual Price : $ 299