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Prabhakar DJewels Pvt Ltd

Step 1: Product Image compatibility for Photo RFQs check

Overall success: Met all parameters

Image Quality Parameters:    Yes

Comments: NA

Image Unique Identification:  Logo

Comments: NA

Alibaba Source Now Check:    Passed with comment. (View Video)

Comments:  Duplicate detected for lead product with confusing pricing. Please check

Step 2: Alibaba Top Relevant Category Search

Countries Evaluated: USA


Categories Checked:    


  • Diamond Gold Bracelet

  • Diamond Gold Pendant

  • Diamond ring

  • Diamond Earring


Comments: Evaluated product ranking on the first 3 pages based on the category. Test positive for 2 categories. Please check link for rankings.


Step 3: Buyer Forums Product Visibility Check

Countries Evaluated: USA

Products Checked:    100 (View here)

Comments: Detailed search links attached. Please note all searches performed in USA. Some search links might not open from India or show an error.

Availability on other buyer channels:  Low or no availability on non - Alibaba buyer forums

Comments:  Products to be displayed on popular buyer forums in USA for best results 

Trend search:  Not found

Comments: Incorporate on top trend blogs