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Who We Are


A customer outreach and aggregator network for marketplace stores, backed by latest technology and subject matter experts  
100 + online channels 
to reach customers
Readymade Promotional
Software to track and enhance conversions
Experts to support
listing & Promotion
We are the only e-commerce solutions provider in the world that provides full spectrum of services to both B2B and B2C e-commerce. Partner with us for your every e-commerce need
What We Do


We help you beat the competition and enhance your sales on marketplaces like Amazon and Alibaba
Bring more customers
to your store
Introduction to new business opportunities 
Increase chances of 
closing the sale
We have the infrastructure, tools and people to deliver a complete service. With Azisst you save on promotion costs and eliminate DIY, so you have more time and resources to grow your core business
The Markets We Support 


North America                  Asia 
1. USA                                  1. India*
2. Canada                           2. Australia*
3. Mexico*                                                
1. UK
2. Germany*
3. Spain*
4. France*
5. Belgium*
6. Netherlands*
7. Italy*
8. Switzerland*
9. Norway*
10. Sweden*                         * B2B Only
What Do We Promote?


We cover more than 500 different product types grouped in to 5 main categories
Footwear and


Furniture, Home Linen, Garden & Tools


Jewelry, Stones, Crafts and Gifts 
Health and 
Cosmetic Products
Food, Beverages and Spices
Whom Do We Serve?


Large and Small businesses, local and international, from 15 to 1500 SKUs

Sellers on Amazon

Suppliers on Alibaba